A message from our CEO, John Flecker

The tangible impact we have on the world around us has always inspired our people to outperform.

It’s why on our 60 year anniversary, we are celebrating 60 years of making at Multiplex – from the physical craftsmanship of the buildings we deliver, to making a real difference in the communities where we live and work.

At our core, we remain a builder committed to our purpose - to construct a better future. We continue to create positive and material impact across the full spectrum of ESG, and work to support our people and communities to harness opportunities and reach their full potential. And we partner with our clients and supply chain to deliver some truly fantastic projects.

I’m proud of the legacy Multiplex has left over the last 60 years and continues to build for the future. Here's to another 60 Years of Making.

Sixty Years of Making...

From making iconic skylines across the globe to making memories with our team, take a look at 60 years of making with Multiplex.

Our Story

Multiplex has changed a lot in 60 years. We’ve stayed agile enough to harness new opportunities, pull back when we need to and remain strong in an ever-changing market. Take a look at how we’ve evolved into the business we are today.

Multiplex began as a small construction company in Perth, Western Australia. Established by John C Roberts AO in 1962, its name originated from the rapidly-multiplying Echinopsis Multiplex cactus, signifying Roberts' plans for swift growth.

Multiplex’s first project was an effluent pipeline in Perth’s south. It quickly gained a reputation for delivering major Perth landmarks on time and on budget, before expanding into NSW in 1978 and constructing some of Sydney’s largest CBD buildings.

Multiplex continued its interstate expansion throughout the 1980s, opening offices in Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland. By 1989, it was Australia’s largest privately owned construction company.

Simultaneously in the 1980s and 1990s, the group began expanding offshore, leveraging its track record in Australia to establish operations in South East Asia, New Zealand, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

During this time Multiplex constructed some of the world’s most iconic buildings including Stadium Australia in Sydney, Federation Square in Melbourne, Emirates Tower in Dubai and the redevelopment of Wembley Stadium in London.

Multiplex expanded its role beyond traditional design and construction contracting into property development, gaining recognition as a developer of commercial, residential, retail and industrial property.

It also diversified into engineering, delivering the ambitious Bayu-Darwin Pipeline project in the Timor Sea in 2003.

In 2003, Multiplex was floated on the Australian Stock Exchange.

In 2008, Multiplex was acquired by Brookfield Asset Management, a North American global alternative asset manager with US$150 billion of assets under management. It reverted to being a pure play builder.

In 2011, Multiplex expanded into Brookfield's home city of Toronto.

60 years on, Multiplex has developed a reputation for shaping skylines and delivering iconic projects around the world.

It has delivered 1,100 projects with a combined value in excess of US$90 billion, and employs more than 2,600 people.

Its parent company Brookfield continues to provide financial strength and global relationships, with US$600 billion of assets under management.

60 Years of Making...

Tim O'Neill

Tim O'Neill

Project Manager, Western Australia

41-year tenure

Tim O'Neill

“Perth’s skyline has changed significantly since I first started at Multiplex over 41 years ago, and I’ve had the privilege of working on some of the city’s most iconic projects in that time.

“There’s three particular projects that still stand out to me – the Subicao Railway Tunnel in 1998, the Fremantle Maritime Museum in 2001, and WA Museum Boola Bardip in 2020. All had a major impact on Perth and our culture. The railway tunnel particularly was central to the urban renewal of Subiaco and included some significant works, including a five-day shutdown to connect the train line to Fremantle line. We joked it was the equivalent of digging out the Suez Canal – no easy feat! The entire Multiplex team was down there with all hands on-deck to make sure we could re-open the rail line in time.

“When I look back, what I remember is the good times - of which there are many. It’s the laughs and the fun times that one tends to hold onto. They are associated with working with incredibly talented Multiplex staff over the years, both past and present.”

Meg Redwin

Meg Redwin

General Counsel and Executive Director, Australia

26-year tenure

Meg Redwin

When I first started in 1996, we had just won the contract to deliver Stadium Australia for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

One of my first jobs was making sure this huge suite of documents was right, and part of that was counting the number of seats across every piece of documentation, as it kept changing as the design got finalised. It was a painstaking task, but it was such an exciting time to be at Multiplex. That idea that when you came to a game, and sat down in your seat, you knew the history of how the whole stadium had come together, where the seats had come from, and which subcontractors had installed them.

I remember going to the opening ceremony with the rest of the Multiplex team. There was that heart stopping moment, I think all of Australia had it, when the torch ramp sort of stalled. But I knew that if something went wrong, we were going to fix it because we had people everywhere. It was just a great sense of excitement and pride.

114,714 seats by the way.

Julia Felmeri

Julia Felmeri

ESG Director, Global

1-year tenure

Julia Felmeri

Our responsibility as contractors has grown over 60 years - and our opportunity to make a positive and material impact on the world around us is greater than ever before.

We have a really clear purpose to construct a better future, and that is driving us to do more across our environment; people; communities; business performance; and governance.

Our global ESG update, outlines where we will concentrate our efforts for the greatest impact. A lot of that will be about tackling climate change, and specifically carbon. We have nothing without our planet.

Making that change will be about leading with our own actions, and also influencing our networks to expand our impact.

For more information please see our Responsible Business page.

Ian Armstrong

Ian Armstrong

Senior Health & Safety Manager, UK

12-year tenure

Ian Armstrong

It’s been really rewarding to be part of the evolution of safety in construction over the years. Site safety remains an absolute priority for Multiplex, but supporting our psychological safety and mental health has also taken a front seat.

Sometimes we’ve got to open up and say “this I where I am”; even if it’s just a small thing, talking helps. Globally, we have trained over 220 mental health first aiders in how to talk to people, spot changes in behavior, and support colleagues when they’re going through a tough time.

What we really want now is for our mental health first aiders to disseminate that information out to our subcontractors, so that we’re getting that message out to everybody.

I honestly believe Multiplex is one of the front-runners when it comes to safety. Multiplex has a team together that really wants to make a difference.

Samuel Foran

Samuel Foran

Assistant Superintendent, Canada

3-year tenure

Samuel Foran

As a student I heard nothing but good things about Multiplex, and they were all true.

Multiplex gives you as much as you can take and as many opportunities for growth as you can handle. One of the most appealing things is you are doing work on the edge of your capability - it's fast-paced but every day is rewarding.

I began my career with Multiplex as a co-op student, before securing a full-time position as Site Coordinator. I'm now an Assistant Superintendent and recently transferred to Multiplex UK to live and work in Scotland.

Multiplex gives you access to invaluable experiences that you won't get anywhere else.

Siu Mun Li

Siu Mun Li

Head of Temporary Works, UK

6-year tenure

Siu Mun Li

People are often surprised when I tell them I am an engineer. I remember walking around a project with a new male graduate. A subcontractor’s site supervisor was asking questions about the temporary works but directing them to the graduate. The graduate looked back at the subcontractor, pointed at me, and said, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about, you need to ask her, she’s the engineer.” The site supervisor did look pretty shocked, apologised to me, and redirected his questions.

I have seen a shift in mindsets in the younger generation of construction professionals who are less accepting of society’s inequalities. We’ve come a long way since I started my career but we still have a long way to go.

The outdated view of construction as a career just for men is something we are working hard to change. Multiplex has made great strides engaging with schools, colleges, and universities to showcase the opportunities and career options available within construction.