Our safety culture is built‑in, not bolt‑on

We want people to go home safe and healthy from our workplaces.  We are on a continuous journey to enhance safety culture and standards across our business and the broader industry. 

We believe striving for safety not only protects our people but delivers better long-term performance from us and the assets we construct. We work with our clients during the planning phase to design and integrate safety controls that focus on minimising and eliminating risk from our sites. 

Working with developer Tensa on the research and redevelopment of Roborigger.

Roborigger helps minimise workers exposure to high risk activities by being able to remotely hold a crane load steady in any given direction, without the use of a tagline. It’s a great example of technology being used to support our goal of being safer by design and eliminating critical risks. Watch our video to learn more.

Our approach to Health and Safety

We recognise that through early planning, we stand to have a much greater impact on project outcomes. We also concentrate our efforts on controlling critical or high-consequence risks by looking for ways to move controls upstream to significantly reduce or eliminate risk. We collaborate with clients, regulators, industry peers, suppliers and contractors in the process to ensure we are capturing and contributing to industry best practice.

Quay Quarter Tower
Installing facades in a busy CBD location

In Sydney's Circular Quay, glass facade panels are being meticulously installed at great heights. Watch this video to find out how this is done with rigorous safety controls in place.