The three words under our name are ‘built to outperform.’

As a business, we always aim to exceed expectations. We challenge ourselves to find better ways of doing things and create new solutions to complex problems.

Outperformance is ingrained in our people and our culture. It defines the way we deliver our projects, engage with communities and advance the industry.

The right focus to deliver complex and challenging projects

Consistently delivering high quality and high performance requires focus. Our approach to outperformance is holistic and logical. It fosters ongoing, real-world improvement.

In everything we do, we are guided by four clear principles, which give us a clear focus for action and learning. Together these principles create an approach and mentality that deliver the outcomes our clients expect when they choose us for their projects.

Investing and innovating to build a diverse, inclusive work environment with the best development opportunities.

Getting the design right from the start, with precision in the details of process, operations and safety.

Aiming beyond ‘zero harm’ to focus on net positive impacts on the environment, communities and wellbeing.

Sustainable growth using technology intelligently, systematically and consistently across all projects to move construction forward.

Our universal digital ‘model first’ approach

Multiplex operates a universal digital ‘model first’ approach across all our projects in our UK portfolio. This standardised methodology, focused on twelve digital actions, is shared across all partners and supply chain on each project. It operates from pre-construction to handover, enhancing all design, planning, commercial and operational elements of the project by facilitating the sharing of accurate, real-time information within a single digital model across the whole team.

Positive impact – our approach to Sustainability

Positive impact is our expression of the net positive idea that we must do more good than harm as a business. Multiplex projects are not just paper or digital exercises – real lives, communities and resources are involved – so the potential for good is tangible and immediate in a multitude of ways.

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