Multiplex has successfully completed the Mundaring Water Treatment Plan (MWTP) which will provide a long-term, safe and secure supply of water into Western Australia’s Wheatbelt and Goldfields Regions.

The Water Corporation of Western Australia embarked on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) approach to design, build, operate and maintain a new 160MLD Water Treatment Plan at Mundaring and a new Pumping Station entitled “Pumping Station C” adjacent to Mundaring Weir.

In addition to assisting with the new pumping station, Multiplex constructed new buildings, installed a treatment systems plant and facilitated the installation of other components essential to meeting water quality standards specified by the Water Corporation.

The completed project will now undertake pre-treatment, filtration, chloramination, stabilisation and fluoridation of water, providing communities with a quality water supply equal to future domestic and industrial growth.

The main Mundaring Water Treatment Plant is located approximately 30km east of Perth with the overall site area occupying 13.6 hectares.

The design, build and operation of the $300M Mundaring Water Treatment Plant and associated Mundaring Pumping Station C are the Water Corporation’s first PPP of its kind in Western Australia.