At Multiplex, we have partnered with Constructionarium – a learning project which provides students with hands-on experience in construction – to deliver two workshops for University of Glasgow students.

This is essential in terms of putting construction theory into practice and offers a valuable opportunity for those looking for a head start in the industry.

Our two workshops were held across April and May at both the University and one of our sites. 60 second-year students took part in the sessions, which were led by Senior Planner Paul Martin, Work Placement Civil Engineer Colin Blair and Assistant Site Manager Manuel Morato. The team were also joined by staff from PJ Careys, who provided a range of small tools and two joiners who would help with the tasks required.

Split into teams of four, the students created scaled down versions of the Kingsgate Bridge, Millennium Galleries, a concrete and brick "pod" and a three-turbine wind farm. They were responsible for planning, managing and delivering the project and, during the heavy plant work, were able to simulate using the plant machinery. All students now have real work experience in construction – from planning and programming their project to pouring concrete and banking cranes. This has developed their teamwork, communication and leadership skills, which are all critical to working in construction.

We are proud to have worked with Constructionarium to offer this valuable experience to students in the areas where we work. We look forward to partnering with them again in the future.