London, United Kingdom:

Multiplex will offer funded data training through apprenticeships to its UK workforce, in a bid to uplift data skills across the business.

The apprenticeship programme will be delivered in partnership with edtech start-up Multiverse, and 27 people from across functions have been enrolled onto a first cohort.

It is a part of a drive in the business to improve quality, efficiency and sustainability through the use of data, an area which has already seen an investment of £1m+, while offering its people retraining and development opportunities.

Research by the UK Government has found that almost a quarter of employees use data skills in their work, yet a shortage of skills in this area is estimated to cost UK businesses £2bn a year.  In 2019, one in 10 job vacancies required data expertise, while over 100,000 data positions remain unfilled.

Tom Loader, Director of Digital & Transformation at Multiplex, said: “We view the ability to manage, interpret and communicate data as one of the key pillars of a modern construction skillset, and launching this apprenticeship programme is one of our initiatives to empower our people with just those in-demand skills.

“Not only are we supporting our clients and supply chain, but this is importantly also an investment in our staff, who will benefit throughout their careers from their apprenticeship experience. The investment will also aid the retention and attraction of talent in a competitive market.”

Employees that participate in the upskilling opportunity will be enrolled on one of two data programmes provided by Multiverse. The 13-month Data Literacy programme covers the core technical skills required to transform data into insights, as well as softer skills like building narratives and presenting findings.

Meanwhile, the 15-month Data Fellowship will give apprentices the skills to clean, analyse and model data, and tell data stories to non-specialists.

Jeremy Duggan, president at Multiverse, said: “The skills that are needed to succeed in the workplace are changing, and that is true in construction as in any other sector. What we know is that apprenticeships are simply the best way to deliver new skills, through learning and training on the job, applying skills immediately to real-world scenarios.

“Multiplex has recognised the importance of investing both in data infrastructure and technologies, but also in data skills - ensuring people in the business have the toolkit to use data to inform their work. Those on the programmes will benefit from world-class learning, personalised coaching and access to a community of professionals across the UK.”

Training provider Multiverse recently announced the closing of a $220 million Series D funding round to be invested back into its programmes and technology, now trains over 8,000 tech, leadership and digital apprentices. They received ‘Outstanding’ in every category from Ofsted, the only provider of their size and sector that can claim this accolade.