Literacy for Life Foundation

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Literacy for Life Foundation

The Literacy for Life Foundation is a partnership between National Health Research Institute – The Lowitja Institute, indigenous campaigner Professor Jack Beetson and Multiplex, established to improve literacy levels in Aboriginal adults.

The campaign is based on the UNESCO-award-winning ‘Yes I Can’ method, developed internationally for use with disadvantaged groups. It is designed to raise literacy levels quickly, at low cost, across a region. Over six million people are now literate as a result of implementation in 29 countries in the past 15 years. The Literacy for Life Foundation is the first ever implementation in Australia.

Campaigns have been run in six remote communities in regional New South Wales. Over 100 people have successfully graduated from the campaigns with an average graduation rate of 70% – five times better than the national average for literacy training programs.

Each campaign has also seen flow-on effects to the local community, with reports of increased school attendance and results, greater uptake of health services and fewer interactions with the justice systems following the campaigns.


Inaugural Cynthia Briggs Empowerment through Education Award, Australian College of Educators