Multiplex and Foodbank Partnership

Case Studies

Multiplex and Foodbank Partnership

The partnership with Multiplex and Foodbank began when Multiplex embarked on the Quay Quarter Tower project at Circular Quay.  The team noticed a disturbing amount of homelessness around the building site, and they wanted to do something to help that was both impactful and sustainable. That led them to Foodbank.

Foodbank provides more than 20 million meals to Australians each year. Our partnership will help them in their fight against hunger and will help them to deliver the most food to the most Australians in need in the most efficient and effective way.

QQT Construction Manager Manos Sartzetakis explains how our relationship with Foodbank evolved.

“When we started on the QQT project, we wanted to do something to address homelessness in the inner city, and when we looked upstream we found that Foodbank were supplying many of the local homeless charities. We thought if we help Foodbank, we stand to help a vast number of people in need, both locally and right across Australia.

“There is really no issue more compelling than the need to be fed. We are proud to support Foodbank in their fight to combat hunger, and are looking forward to a rewarding partnership with them for many years to come.”