The Jumpstart Program at 1 Denison St, North Sydney

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The Jumpstart Program at 1 Denison St, North Sydney

The Jump Start Program was created by a group of Multiplex female engineers on the 1 Denison St project in North Sydney.

While at school they felt they weren’t given an opportunity to learn about the different career options within the built environment, and had to rely on ‘trial and error’ to find what was right for them. As a result, they wanted to give female students a different experience, and so initiated a pilot mentorship program called Jump Start with schools in the North Sydney area.

The Jump Start Program encompasses panel discussions, workshops, presentations, mentoring sessions and site walks. It leverages the experiences and skills of young Multiplex women to help female students better navigate their career paths. We know from research that by University stage many students have already made up their minds about their careers, and so the earlier we can be part of that decision making process the better.

With increasing female presentation in construction a key focus for Multiplex, Jump Start is a very practical, grass roots way to promote diversity within our business and the broader industry at the point we know we can have the greatest impact.