Westmead Connectivity Centre, Sydney

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Westmead Connectivity Centre, Sydney

The Connectivity Centre is a Multiplex initiative that coordinates job opportunities for job seekers and provides a place for them to collaborate with local employers, government agencies, training firms and community groups.

The concept is the result of many years of collaboration and research to determine how we can best deliver genuine and long-term outcomes for people disadvantaged through unemployment.

The Westmead Connectivity Centre, launched in February 2018, represents the eighth Connectivity Centre coordinated by Multiplex.

Linked with our Westmead Redevelopment project, it is geared towards helping people become self-sufficient by offering job support services, as well as traineeships and apprenticeships, business mentoring and support, and networking opportunities.

The Westmead Connectivity Centre space was formally occupied by Aging, Disability and Home Care and was renovated by a group of 10 indigenous people as part of a Prevocational Training Program co-ordinated by Multiplex. The group used the project as an opportunity to complete a number of their course components on site, and have since been offered formal traineeships with Multiplex.

“The Connectivity Centre isn’t a set and forget scenario. Multiplex is in this for the long haul and together with the many stakeholders involved, we want to make an impact that is genuine, and that will continue to be felt long after the project is complete.” Dave Higgon, Employment Relations Manager, Multiplex.