Constructing a better future

We are known for delivering the world’s best projects. And we recognise that what we're good at can make the world better.

So our purpose is simple - to construct a better future. A better future where opportunities are harnessed, and our people, projects, communities and industry reach their full potential.

We are uniquely positioned to fulfil our purpose by drawing on our culture - a powerful combination of inherent values, and a belief that we can outperform in everything we do.

Our brand is shaped by our people

Reflecting on our global brand, we carried out research with staff to understand what motivates them at work, what they value and how they view our role in the world. Hear what they had to say and how we used this to create our unique brand story.

Built to outperform

Outperformance is a mindset shared by our people. Combined with our inherent values, it is the foundation of our Multiplex culture and enables us to fulfil our purpose to construct a better future.

Outperformance manifests in many ways across our global business, but we all agree we can outperform in everything we do. We recognise how we perform as individuals determines how we perform as a company.

This is the reason our business, people and projects are built to outperform.

We are upfront, open and realistic. We are genuine about delivering what we say we will.

We respect, include and look after our people and those around us, empowering and supporting them to thrive.

We bring everyone together, making meaningful connections to bring about positive impact. We are consultative and responsive from the earliest opportunity.

We are driven, pragmatic and agile thinkers continuously learning and exploring possibilities. We have the courage to solve the most complex problems, when others can’t, and the staying power to last the distance.