Global reach, individual care

Our capabilities and project track record rank among the very best in the world of construction. At the same time, the scale of our operation means that Multiplex is still very much a people business – the ideal size for you to feel welcome and make a difference. Teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of how we work and we are proud of our open, hands-on culture where people feel comfortable asking for help, and helping others in return.

Whether you are seeking a career change, just starting out, or looking to re-join us, Multiplex is a great choice

You'll have access to global mobility opportunities

As a global business, we can offer our people unique opportunities to work across regions, to develop their knowledge and learn new ways of doing things.

Mobility is part of our DNA and we have hundreds of staff that have relocated regionally or internationally. We offer consistent, quality relocation support for staff and their families, and structures to help share knowledge gained with our global teams.

You'll own your career

We give our people the opportunities they need to learn and grow in their careers. We never stop learning, and when you work for Multiplex, neither will you. Whether you are looking for a career in project management, site management, commercial, services, design, operations, a corporate function or an executive role, we will provide you with the platform to define a successful career.

With on-the-job experience and mentoring, formal learning through our management and professional development programmes, and the opportunity to work on major projects across our global business, you’ll feel empowered to forge your chosen career path.

Our portfolio of learning and development offerings is constantly evolving, and is designed to give our people access to the learning they need, when they need it.

You’ll be proud of what you build

We are proud to have built some of the world’s most exciting projects, and you too will be proud to say: ‘I built that.’

We want our people to tell us how proud they are of what they build; how they have unlocked the potential in each of our projects to ensure that while we’re delivering a building, we’re using it as an opportunity to generate as much value as we can for our clients and our communities too.

You’ll make a difference

We connect with the communities where we work and you’ll feel empowered to drive the difference we make.

We challenge our people to connect with their communities in ways that have meaning for them, then look for ways to support, enable and expand on their success.

You’ll be looked after, holistically

We take a holistic approach to engaging, rewarding and recognising our people, and you’ll be supported to be the best you can be, both at work and away from work. Our package has something for everyone – be it financial reward and incentives, health and wellbeing or career development and recognition.

Financial Reward

Our people are looked after with market competitive salaries, performance incentive programmes and annual remuneration reviews in line with our performance cycle.

Health & Wellbeing

At Multiplex we recognise that looking after our people’s overall wellbeing is critical and we provide support to ensure our people come to work each day feeling fit and well.

Career Development & Recognition

Our approach to career development and recognition is one of the key reasons people join us and stay with us.

Community and Purpose

Our people actively deliver social value through collaboration with our industry-leading specialist teams. From raising money for charities, supporting work placements into the industry, to volunteering days within our local communities, supporting the wider community is important to our people.

You’ll feel included, because we celebrate diversity

You’ll be joining a company where differences are valued; our diverse workforce gives us the widest pool of talent and perspectives to deliver the best results.

Everyone at Multiplex is held accountable for ensuring inclusiveness is embedded in everything we do, and our leaders are committed to driving a culture of inclusiveness.

You’ll be part of a great team

At Multiplex, you’ll work with and learn from some of the best people in the industry. You’ll also have fun and make great friends along the way.

We love exceeding expectations. We are united by a desire to find a better way of doing things, to say yes when others say no, and to have fun along the way.

When you join Multiplex you’ll be joining a team that is built to outperform.