Delivering major healthcare facilities around the world

We have a long track record of delivering world-class hospitals and aged care facilities that enhance wellbeing and safeguard the day-to-day running of existing operations.

This includes patient wards, operating theatres, MRI facilities, laboratories, energy centres, and aged care accommodation, as well as internal and external courtyards and green spaces to maximise the connection to the external environment.

Our teams are skilled in the detailed planning and robust scenario-testing required to ensure safety and surety of delivery in highly sensitive environments.

Spaces to support health and wellbeing

Multiplex has delivered leading health projects in cities across Australia, United Kingdom and the Middle East – from Greenfield developments to complex research centres and refurbishments of fully-operational facilities. Our mobile team of health specialists can deliver wherever we are required, in both city and regional locations.

As delivery partners, we consider projects from a whole-life perspective. We partner with clients and act in a consultative capacity during the early design phase, become the building and delivery team during construction, and ensure operational readiness post-construction.

Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive user group process to assess and balance stakeholder aspirations alongside project objectives and translate these into practical building solutions. We ensure the right people are involved at the right time, and make them part of the upfront design process that culminates into the final design solution.

The patient experience remains a primary focus throughout our delivery. Features such as large windows, internal and external landscaped courtyards, and secure roof gardens accessible by bedridden patients all serve to improve infection control and aid patient wellbeing by providing natural light, fresh air and scenic views, all of which enhance connections with the external environment.

Beyond delivery, we know that the maintenance and operation of hospitals represents a bigger cost to clients than the initial capital outlay – so we seek long-term design solutions that reduce costs over a hospital’s operational life.

Case study
A complex build in a live hospital environment

The St George Hospital Stage 2 Redevelopment involved the construction of a new seven-level Acute Services Building on top of the existing operational 24-hour emergency department in Sydney’s south. Watch our video to find out more.