We have sound and holistic business practices

As a sustainable business, we have sound business practices that both manage risks and realise opportunities.

We balance the discipline and structure required to operate to the highest standards, with the flexibility to continually learn, grow and improve.


We have mature operating policies and procedures and report to the Board on all areas including enterprise risk management; health; safety and environment; anti-bribery and corruption; cybersecurity; code of conduct; human rights; and modern slavery. Our approach to governance is encapsulated in our Multiplex Internal Control Framework and based on the internationally recognised COSO model of internal control.

Operational excellence

We seek to achieve operational excellence by being focused, aligned, connected and optimised. Applying the principles of our Impact Framework, we empower our people to solve problems and realise opportunities that make us safer, greener and more efficient. And we connect with others to ensure we are maximising our operational impact.

We have a mindset that we can outperform in everything we do and consistently challenge ourselves to improve.