The quality of our supply chain relationships around the world sets us apart

As a global contractor, we have established relationships at the highest levels of our supply chain and draw upon a diverse, international pool of expert subcontractors, ranging from multi-nationals to small and medium-scale specialists.

“Our relationship with our supply chain is one of the things that makes Multiplex unique. We don’t just focus on good client relationships, we focus on productive, profitable subcontractor relationships as well, because we know that if we can help our subcontractors succeed, then we succeed. This focus both up and down the stream is an important part of our offering and sets us apart from many other companies around the world.”

John Flecker, CEO

Rewarding Partnerships

We have long-standing relationships with many suppliers, which we see as genuine partnerships.

We regularly check in with our subcontractors by engaging them in a variety of ways beyond the site, such as events and research studies. This helps us to understand their needs better, solve issues together and learn how we can improve our performance.

Becoming a supplier

Our regional teams review all incoming enquiries from suppliers and subcontractors. If you would like to become a supplier, please get in touch specifying the region you're interested in working in and the regional team will get in touch. You can also visit the regional pages of our website for further information.

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