In partnership with our steel contractor Severfield, we have successfully placed the last steel beam at 22 Bishopsgate – the City of London's tallest building.

It is the culmination of over two years work on the project's superstructure, which began when the first piece of steel was placed in January 2017. The final building will contain 17,023 tonnes of steelwork, made up of 14,593 individual pieces of steel, so placing the last piece is a major milestone as we move towards practical completion later this year.

Team members from both Multiplex and Severfield gathered on the tower's highest floor to see the beam raised into place, with a small commemorative plaque attached to the side to mark the occasion. Project Director Andrew Feighery praised the teamwork of everyone involved and commented that the installation has gone "remarkably well, considering the unique challenges of a such a tall building" also pointing out that the amount of steel in 22 Bishopsgate is twice what went into the Eiffel Tower.

Towering above the City's other skyscrapers, 22 Bishopsgate is already a major landmark on the London skyline. Its 62-storey superstructure is set to reach a total height of 278 metres – so tall that the crane used to install the final piece of steel is less than one metre below airspace.

Health and Safety Manager Carl Beisser said,

"Working at height is always a challenge, so it is a satisfying day to know we have placed the last piece of steel safely."

When complete, 22 Bishopsgate will provide over one million square feet of flexible, modern workspace including a gym, indoor market, cycle storage hub, art gallery and social spaces, while the fifty-seventh floor will be home to the highest public viewing platform in Western Europe.

Multiplex is delivering this iconic development for AXA Investment Managers – Real Assets, acting on behalf of a consortium of international investors, and its development partner Lipton Rogers Developments.

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Raising the final piece of steel at 22 Bishopsgate

22 Bishopsgate will contain 17,023 tonnes of steelwork, made up of 14,593 individual pieces of steel