As project completion nears at The Broadway, we marked a major milestone with the last glass panel being installed on the west podium building.

Multiplex has worked alongside Focchi Group since 2018 to develop the prefabricated glass façade with the first panel installation back in June 2020.
The success of the façade has required in-depth collaboration between multiple specialist façade contractors and material specialists, to design, test and deliver the architectural intent of Squire and Partners and Northacre.
The façade is constructed from a series of repeating precast concrete panels installed by DECOMO and Techrete, which are highly insulated and supported from the post-tensioned concrete floor slabs. The 2470 precast panels installed on the project provide two and three storey frames, which encase a prefabricated triple-glazed curtain wall.
Structurally the concrete and glass façade systems are independent and either supported or hung from the superstructure. The challenge was the interface between the two façade systems and a bespoke sealing solution was developed with SIKA to achieve this.
At the beginning of March, the last of these panels were installed on site, marking a major milestone for the project.