Caring for our people and those around us

While our world and industry constantly evolves, at our core we remain a people focused business.

We genuinely care about people; it is one of our inherent values. We respect, include and look after our people and those around us, and empower and support them to thrive.

Keeping people safe

Multiplex is on a continuous journey to boost safety culture and standards across our business and industry.

For our projects, our robust ‘Safer by Design’ strategy focuses on eliminating critical risks that will have the greatest consequences. This means working with clients to design out safety risks and design in safety controls in the early stages of projects, because we know we stand to have the most impact when we plan upfront.

For our people, we resource and promote programs to support their physical and mental health – from flexible working programs that are recognised as industry leading, to mental health first aid training that equips our people to support each other.

Attracting, developing, retaining & rewarding exceptional people

We take a holistic approach to engaging, developing and rewarding our people, and support them to be the best they can at work and home. Our success is reflected in the tenure of our staff, which is industry leading.

A key focus is to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to enter, grow and contribute to our industry. We are committed to having a workforce that reflects the diversity of the global communities in which we operate, and a consistent culture of respect and inclusion.

Embedding flexibility in our business and industry

Our Flexibility program was developed in Australia in 2012, following research and recommendations from a group of leadership program participants tasked with finding the right solution for our business. Read more about our flexibility approach.