• As part of the LEGO Group’s commitment to unlocking girls' creative confidence, LEGO Australia announced the launch of Unstoppable Academy in March
  • This follows a study that revealed that 3 out of 4 girls (76%) aged 5-12 years old feel the pressure of perfection and worry about judgement from others on their creative ideas
  • Global construction company, Multiplex has been announced as the first official partner to ignite creativity and confidence in the next generation of female innovators

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: LEGO Australia is proud to announce its first official partner of the Unstoppable Academy with global construction powerhouse, Multiplex.

This groundbreaking collaboration brings together two industry giants on a mission to ignite creativity and confidence in girls across Australia, paving the way for a future where limitless potential knows no bounds.

The Unstoppable Academy is a mentorship program designed to connect girls with influential leaders in creative industries, and empower them to shake up stereotypes, break free from limiting language and shape a future defined by innovation and imagination. This initiative comes off the back of the 2024 Play Well Study that revealed that 3 out of 4 girls (76%)[1] aged 5-12 years old feel the pressure of perfection and worry about judgement from others on their creative ideas.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Multiplex for the Unstoppable Academy and empower girls across Australia and New Zealand to unleash their creative potential," said Justine McKenny, Senior Director, Head of Marketing for LEGO Australia & New Zealand. "By bringing together industry leaders and young minds, we aim to challenge the status quo, break down barriers, and inspire the next generation of female innovators and creators, unlocked by the power of LEGO® play."

Kicking off this April during the school holidays, the program saw Multiplex working with 10-year-old student, Queeness Gutierrez who has a strong passion for construction and plans to achieve (and build!) big things in the future. Mentored by Multiplex Design Manager & Jump Start Sponsor, Natalie Haydon, the program offered invaluable insights behind the innovative construction and sustainable designs of some of the world’s most iconic buildings, and showcased the creative opportunities and career pathways available within the industry.

With only 13% of the construction and building industry identifying as female[2], the NSW Government’s Women in Construction report highlights the need for practical exposure to attract more women into the sector. Queeness' tailored program will encourage, educate and empower her to understand the opportunities available within the industry, and allow her to gain practical hands-on exposure. She will be taken behind the scaffolding, with numerous site walks and tours across Sydney, meetings with inspirational female leads across the business and a LEGO building challenge to imagine the building of tomorrow.

Natalie Haydon comments, "We are very proud to be supporting the Unstoppable Academy and its mission to empower girls through creativity, as an extension of our current Jump Start program. Together with LEGO Australia, we are thrilled to be offering young girls a supportive and inclusive environment that will equip them with the capability and confidence to pursue their passions and explore their limitless potential.”

“We know we need to change the narrative around women in construction and show girls what a rewarding career they can have in our industry. We hope Queeness’ experience will inspire girls and their influencers to view construction as an opportunity to cultivate creativity and collaboration.”


This mentorship program is an extension of the Jump Start Juniors Multiplex and LEGO Australia Schools program, an initiative that commenced in 2023 in NSW primary schools that aimed to spark an early interest in construction, reframe girls and their influencers’ biases around women working in our industry, and actively address perceived barriers.

Multiplex and LEGO Australia co-created a one-day program for children in Years 5 and 6 using LEGO® bricks and tailored learning materials to engage students in the design and delivery of typical construction sequences. Children are encouraged to plan, create and problem solve – all vital skills in the construction industry. A range of Multiplex women and men lead the programs, providing role models to the students and showcasing the different types of jobs available to them. Parents and caregivers are also given take-home materials, extending the program messaging into the home and to the students’ influencers.

Following a successful pilot in 2023 at three schools, the 2024 Schools Program will roll out to more than 1,500 students at 28 primary schools located near active Multiplex projects in NSW, with a plan to expand nationally in 2025.

The Unstoppable Academy truly harnesses the power of collaboration, creativity and community and forms part of LEGO Australia’s unwavering commitment to minimise the gender play gap and unlock the full potential of every child, regardless of gender. By providing girls with access to influential mentors and immersive experiences, the program seeks to inspire them to embrace their creativity and become unstoppable forces for positive change in their communities and beyond.

[1] Play Well Study, January 2024

[2] NSW Government’s Women in Construction report