Every person at Multiplex is given the opportunity to shape their own flexible working arrangements. While the solutions vary from person to person, it’s how we embed them that ensures they work.

We are clear that we aren’t just implementing a flexibility program at Multiplex. We are establishing a cultural norm where our teams are empowered to make flexible working decisions that evolve with their individual, team, and project needs.

We developed our flexibility approach in Australia in 2013, following research and recommendations from a group of staff charged with finding the right solution for our business. Since then, we’ve refined their proposed team-based approach and we now undertake flexible design workshops on every project.

During these workshops we ask each team member to share their priorities for flexible working - be it to spend time with family, support out of work activities, or something else. We then help teams design specific programs to accommodate those priorities, with rotating Saturdays, remote working and job share arrangements often part of the solution.

We monitor the impact of each team’s flexible working program and adapt things when we need to. It’s not simple, or one size fits all, and calling it out when things aren’t working is part of our continuous improvement.

It’s an ongoing process but we’ve made great strides and we’re proud that our global teams report greater satisfaction with our flexible working approach than the industry benchmark.