Concrete is the second most consumed resource in the world after water and if the cement industry were a country, it would be the third largest emitter in the world - behind China and the US. Whilst it’s relative impact in the UK is far less (1.5% of emissions), the sector’s role in delivering critical infrastructure makes securing its future within a low-carbon economy of significant importance.

As a sector, the concrete industry is responding to the challenge with the Mineral Products Association launching the UK Concrete and Cement Industry Roadmap to Beyond Net Zero. But all good roadmaps need to be swiftly followed by action, and by becoming a founding member of Climate Group ConcreteZero, this is our collective call to action to the sector to double down on its current decarbonisation plans and make the UK a global demonstrator of what can be achieved when demand-side organisations give the market confidence to invest in low-carbon solutions.

Importantly, we are delighted to be joined by many of our project partners in the form of clients, designers and subcontractors as fellow members of ConcreteZero – demonstrating our shared commitment to securing a Net Zero future.

International non-profit Climate Group, in partnership with World GBC and WBCSD, has launched ConcreteZero, with a goal of 100% net zero concrete by 2050. 15 pioneering businesses have made the public commitment which includes ambitious short-term commitments to use 30% low emission concrete by 2025 and 50% by 2030.

Concrete production contributes to 8% of global annual carbon emissions. With the size of Paris being built globally every single week over the next 40 years, the demand for concrete is set to grow and grow. The concrete industry transitioning to net zero is vital to halving carbon emissions by 2030 and keeping within reach the goal to limit global temperature rise to 1.5C.

The founding ConcreteZero members signal to the industry the scale of demand for sustainably produced and sourced concrete. The members are breaking down barriers by making a baseline commitment to measure and report on the carbon emissions associated with the concrete they use. This data will enable the industry to define what low emission and net zero concrete is, bringing clarity and enabling collective action.

Callum Tuckett, Managing Director of Muliplex, said:

“Multiplex is extremely proud to be a founding member of ConcreteZero. The commitment aligns with our business’s data-driven approach to finding solutions and networks that support our own Net Zero pathway. ConcreteZero will help galvanise the sector’s decarbonisation efforts in a cohesive and practical manner and we are ready to accelerate the rate of change alongside our suppliers and the wider industry”

Jen Carson, Head of Industry of Climate Group, said:

“By launching ConcreteZero we’re doubling down on our efforts to get the highest emitting industries to net zero. Steel and concrete production together emit the same level of CO2 as all road transport globally, and with demand for both going up, this is only set to increase. Targeting the concrete industry was therefore a no brainer. Adding ConcreteZero to our industry program enables us to continue to support the construction and property sector along its path to net zero.”