Showing young people the pathways into careers in construction

We work closely with schools and young people to teach them about the wide variety of careers open to everyone in the world of construction. By helping them to see the opportunities available in our industry from a young age, we are broadening their career possibilities and investing in our future workforce.

We know that the construction sector is facing major challenges in attracting, developing and retaining skilled people to meet the demands of the sector.

We run various engagement programmes with schools in the regions where we operate to raise awareness of and create enthusiasm for the wide variety of career paths that are available in construction.

We work directly with young people of all ages – visiting them in the classroom and giving them access to our projects and teams. They are our workforce of tomorrow so investing in them is critical to the future of our industry.

Our expertise is in delivering large, complex and challenging projects. Working at Multiplex, you will have the opportunity to work on the big jobs - the kind of projects you’ll look back on and be proud to say you helped build.

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There’s an immense sense of pride in our industry. We often hear our employees proudly say ‘I helped build that!’ when driving or walking past one of our projects.

We have a unique culture at Multiplex - it’s based on our values; we keep it real, we care about people, we are collaborative, and we have grit. We listen, share and work as a collective team, and encourage each other to be creative, to voice ideas and opinions and to learn from our experiences. This enables us to push boundaries, innovate, make better decisions and outperform ourselves and our competitors.

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There is a breadth of opportunities available at Multiplex to satisfy different career pathway ambitions.

We provide a number of different youth employment opportunities and there are over 50 different types of roles within our business. So whether you want to work in a site supervision role, as an Engineer, become a commercial, design or safety professional (just to name a few) or have a corporate career in functions such as finance, IT, legal and HR – there are opportunities across the board and Multiplex will provide you with the platform you need to define a successful career.

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Multiplex is committed to having a diverse, inclusive and respectful workforce, where all employees are valued, encouraged to express their ideas and opinions, and able to reach their full potential. We believe in treating all people with respect and dignity and we will not tolerate the mistreatment of our people on the grounds of differences.

Everyone at Multiplex is held accountable for ensuring inclusiveness is embedded in everything we do, and our leaders are committed to driving a culture of inclusiveness. We strongly encourage applications from people of all genders and walks of life.