NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA: It was a proud day at our Connectivity Centre in Broadmeadow, NSW, when 12 inspirational candidates graduated from our 10-week pre-vocational program.

The program was tailored to participants with a five-week training block to develop their foundational skills including positive communication, followed by a second five-week block to develop hard skills such as using power tools. The impact of both was undeniable.

“Every one of the graduates has faced challenges in their lives but this program has provided them a path forward and hope for the future,” said Connectivity Centre Project Manager Jo Osborne.

 While we have opened the door, they have done all the hard work. The candidates have shown up every day voluntarily for 10 weeks, they’ve committed to learning new skills, and we can’t wait to see them continue their success”.

With formal training under their belt, the graduating group will now take part in additional upskilling activities such as building a resume and interview techniques, before being connected with employment opportunities on the John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct project and beyond depending on their interests. Once employed, the Connectivity Centre will continue to provide mentorship and support to ensure their employment is successful.

“This is not just about getting a job but keeping a job. The group has taken a huge first step in completing their training and now the focus for everyone over the next few weeks is to ensure we leverage their hard work and make it a lasting change.”

This program was a truly collaborative effort. Huge thanks to our Multiplex Connectivity Centre team; the Department of Juvenile Justice; the Department of Regional NSW; JOBLINK Plus; Ungooroo Aboriginal Corporation; The Finer Line; the local Aboriginal men’s group Turool Kore; and Training Services NSW who all contributed in different and vital ways.

Thanks too to Multiplex’s John Hunter project team and subcontractors including Moits; Axis Plumbing; Oakdale; and the Star Group who spent time with the participants throughout the 10-week program and provided inspiration and insight into what it’s like to work in the industry.