​There is no doubt the construction industry has a critical role to play in moving us towards a carbon-free environment.

Globally, the steel, cement and aluminium industries produce about 7-9% of annual global greenhouse emissions*, so changing how we use every-day building materials is the greatest chance we have to truly move the dial.

That's why we're proud to be a founding partner of Materials Embodied Carbon Leadership Alliance (MELCA), a collaboration between government and industry to reduce embodied carbon and drive the use of low emission building materials (LEBMs).

Our partnership with MECLA builds on our long commitment to setting the standard on things that really matter for our planet and industry. From delivering the world's most environmentally sustainable stadium for the Sydney 2000 'Green Games', to our role as a founding member of the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living, to being the first construction contractor to sign the World Green Building Council's Net Zero Carbon Building Commitment, we're focusing our efforts on tackling the 'high-hanging fruit' that stands to create the greatest change.