We are exceptionally proud to have been recognised by The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) in the form of a Silver Award, for our support of the armed forces community within our UK business.

The ERS encourages employers to actively support those in defence and inspire others to do the same, by aligning company values with the Armed Forces Covenant. We have made this a priority, which is evident in our mobilisation and leave policies, and in our well established UK Veterans Committee. For example, a reservist returning from active service has the right to return to the same pay, grade, and a similar role at Multiplex. Employees who require time off for activities as reservists are also entitled to up to two week’s additional paid leave per year.
Re-entering the civilian world from a service career can be challenging: the UK Veterans Committee is dedicated to ensuring that employees are able to reach their potential both personally and professionally through providing company-based care. We currently employ thirty Veterans, both defence force and blue-light, who are integral to the core functioning of the company.
Ian Nicholls is one such employee, a Veteran himself, and Vice-Chair of the UK Veterans Committee at Multiplex. During his service he deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan, and was posted across central Europe. Upon leaving the military, Ian reached out to a local construction company who provided a platform to launch his new career, which ultimately led him to his current role at Multiplex. Ian’s time in active service informs his work today, from the ability to remain calm under pressure to understanding how best to motivate a diverse team of individuals. These are skills that Ian stresses Veterans possess in abundance. Adapting to circumstances is crucial in both active service and construction, as Ian puts it:
“no plan survives first contact with the enemy. What matters is how quickly you are able to adapt and rework your plan. You set your plan A, B and maybe even C, but you have to be willing to adapt and adjust as there are many factors that can have a negative impact. But you have to be willing to adjust. On the day I drove out of the camp gates for the last time in 2016, I reflected on my experiences since joining up in 2003. I would say that over 70% was positive, and the risk versus reward was undoubtedly worth it.”
Of working at Multiplex, Ian states:
“We are a company who lead by example. We care deeply about the people we work with, and illustrate this by ensuring high health and safety standards are in place on site and in the office, and by fully supporting Veterans in the workplace.”
Of working in construction, he says:
“it is incredible to look at the London skyline and be able to say that I am helping to shape it by working on some fantastic projects with Multiplex.”
The ERS is designed primarily to recognise private sector organisations who create an inclusive and encouraging workplace for Veterans. At Multiplex, we believe that those who serve or have served in the armed forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives. We will continue to honour this pledge.