Multiplex is on a continuous journey to boost safety standards across our business and industry. Safety is embedded in all levels and functions of our business, and our safety culture is one of personal responsibility and action.


To harness our unique culture and ensure safety is truly understood by our people, we created a unique learning experience called ‘Health & Safety at Multiplex’.

Health & Safety at Multiplex uses ‘choose your own adventure’ scenarios to reinforce what is expected of our people in a range of realistic situations.

It’s a fun, uniquely Multiplex approach to a serious topic, based on behavioural and learning principles that show:

  • New employees are highly influenced by behavioural norms they experience in the workplace.
  • Gamification enhances engagement and facilitates deeper understanding and retention of information.

In bringing ‘Health & Safety at Multiplex’ to life, we took inspiration from our projects.

In any health and safety scenario, we collaborate and draw on the hard-won experience of our people to deliver the best outcome.

When it came to ‘Health & Safety at Multiplex’, we collaborated extensively, tapping into the expertise, experience and talents of over 100 people across Australia, including our consultants and subcontractors.

And when making safety decisions, our people are required to make not just the ‘right’ decision but the ‘best’ decision to optimise the outcome.

So our ‘choose your own adventure’ scenarios call on learners to use problem solving, decision-making, and prioritisation skills to challenge their thinking, and make the difficult call between what might be expedient in the short term versus what would be safer and more productive in the long term.

Finally, there are no shortcuts when it comes to safety on site, and no short cuts when it comes to learning. We took more than 18 months to ensure our learning was the best it could be.

Developed in collaboration with Thinka and DH Media Group, ‘Health & Safety at Multiplex’ was recognised by the Australian Institute of Training and Development, winning an Excellence Award for ‘Best Use of Gamification/Simulation for Learning’.

On a global stage, it was awarded an Intermedia-global Gold Award for Training at the World Media Festival Awards.

Check out the trailer above.