LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. Multiplex launches its annual Environmental Social Governance (ESG) report for Europe. The report covers ESG related activities and headline achievements between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2022.

Multiplex has played an integral part in ESG conversations and actions that have shaped the built environment for many years. By contributing evidence to advance the business and the wider industry, Multiplex has implemented initiatives that continue to have a positive and material impact across four key areas:

  1. Leading the industry towards decarbonisation
  2. Making pivotal investments in social value
  3. Supporting its people to thrive
  4. Advocate for diversity within the industry

The company remains on track with its ESG journey and has made significant progress against decarbonisation and social equity targets. Continuing to be guided by the unique ‘Impact Framework’, which was introduced in 2021 and empowers teams to take initiative and utilise networks to broaden impact, Multiplex continues to collaborate with clients and its supply chain to deliver goals and drive positive change.

The organisation continues to engage with leading ESG and sustainability organisations to advance discussions and awareness across the industry. Affiliations include the British Council for Offices, Mentoring Circle, UK Green Building Council, World Green Building Council, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat and more.

Callum Tuckett, Managing Director of Multiplex said “One year on since the release of our 2021 report, and we remain committed to our ESG journey, making great progress against our decarbonisation and social equity targets… 2022 was a year of continued learning, innovation and collaboration alongside our clients and supply chain, with some notable achievements along the way”

Some headline achievements for 2022 include:


Climate Action

  • Multiplex became a founding member of ConcreteZero a global initiative to create a global market for net zero concrete and the sister programme of the Climate Group’s SteelZero.


Responsible and Circular Resourcing

  • 99% of non-hazardous construction waste was diverted from landfill with 96.34% of the top 10 construction materials being responsibly sourced in 2022.


Net Positive Biodiversity, Air Quality, and Water

  • Project teams embarked on various volunteering days with 190+ hours of biodiversity volunteering across all sites.


Health, Safety and Wellbeing

  • There were zero serious safety incidents and 322 workplace occupational health interventions achieved in 2022, with 88% of % of employees completing the 1-day Mental Health First Aiders awareness course.


Diversity and Inclusion

  • Multiplex ran a successful referral programme that incentivised referring female candidates. In the last 6 months, 10 women successfully applied through the referral scheme. There was also a 50% intake of female graduates.


Socio-economic Value and Social Procurement

  • Over £61 million was spent with SMEs local to our projects, making up 11% of our overall business spend for 2022.


Equitable Employment

  • A key focus for 2022 was the employment of apprentices and new entrants, with 102 new entrant roles and apprentices across our project.


Ethical Treatment of Labour

  • To ensure everyone working on site and within the broader supply chain is treated with fairness and dignity, 100% of new supply chain partners were screened and audited against Multiplex Ethical Labour Principles.


Respecting Communities

  • Multiplex engaged with 2,552 students through its projects and 70 community engagements were held throughout the year.


Multiplex Europe 2022 Environmental Social Governance Report can be read here: