Multiplex’s commitment to workplace safety has been recognised with the premier contractor’s ‘Health & Safety at Multiplex’ induction course receiving an award at the recent Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) Excellence Awards 2020.

The innovative induction won the Best Use of Gamification/Simulation for Learning category at AITD’s Excellence Awards and was also selected as a finalist in the Best Onboarding/Induction Program category.

The annual AITD Excellence Awards aim to set new benchmarks for learning and development by recognising and sharing quality and innovation.

“We are delighted that our safety induction has achieved such an accolade and is helping to set new standards in employee development while also maintaining our leadership position on workplace safety,” said Dennis Else, Executive Director Health and Safety at Multiplex.

The ‘Health & Safety at Multiplex’ induction comprises a series of interactive experiences designed to teach new starters about the contractor’s health and safety approach. Presented in an on-line format, it can be accessed by users at any time via a computer or mobile device.

According to Multiplex, the induction was created to provide learners with a clear sense of how important safety is at Multiplex, alongside a basic understanding of its health and safety strategy and the role each individual has to play.

“We wanted the induction to be a real game-changer and break from the tired, traditional training process. It was key to really engage the inductee and that’s why we wanted the induction to be both interactive and memorable,” said Mr Else.

“The induction helps bring our strategy, mindset, values and behaviours for managing safety to life. As part of the induction experience, the course portrays realistic and relevant situations that encourage problem-solving, decision-making, prioritising and negotiation. All of these skills are used daily on-site to manage safety.”

Designed in collaboration with specialist learning organisation Thinka, ‘Health & Safety at Multiplex’ was developed over an intensive 18-month period with more than 100 Multiplex staff assisting with the concept development, scripting, filming and post-production process. The end result is the innovative interactive learning experience that takes new starters directly into the heart of Multiplex’s safety culture.

Multiplex determined five key scenarios to focus on that reflect common high-risk situations faced by employees.

The induction allows users to determine how to manage each situation, emphasising the importance of every decision made on-site and the role each person plays in managing safety. Each decision is met with a consequence and expert feedback is provided to consolidate the learning experience.

‘Health & Safety at Multiplex’ was implemented earlier in 2020 to a positive reception by new starters to the company. User feedback and comments so far have included:

  • “The course actually shows what really happens out on site and the decisions we need to make for a safe workplace.”
  • “I found the interactive videos a good way to take in the knowledge presented.”
  • “Even when I got the right answer I found myself going back and checking the wrong ones too just to see what could have happened.”
  • “I got a lot of value from the seniority of some of the people involved really reinforcing the importance of the underlying topic, as well as the constructive advice given when alternative ‘wrong’ answers were explored.”