Multiplex Canada is proud to announce the launch of our Decarbonization Roadmap.

Our Decarbonization Roadmap sets the foundation and defines the actions we need to implement by 2030 in line with our carbon reduction targets and the ultimate goal of net zero carbon for our supply chain by 2050 or earlier.

Path to net zero

The United Nations has developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that serve as a global blueprint for sustainable living on our planet. We leverage the SDGs to frame our decarbonization action areas. We identify the SDGs that are most relevant to our business and the areas we have the opportunity to have the greatest positive impact on.

Our action area goals:

  1. Zero onsite emissions by 2030
  2. Zero office emissions by 2030
  3. 30% reduction in embodied carbon intensity by 2030
  4. Zero avoidable waste and 50% reduction in waste intensity by 2030
  5. Single use plastic free offices by 2025

Globally and regionally Multiplex has set ambitious targets to lead the construction industry and collaborate with our supply chain in our journey to net zero carbon emissions.

“We cannot talk of resilience in construction without sustainability. It is essential that we maintain focus on decarbonizing the built environment as one of the greatest challenges continuing to face our industry,”
Terry Olynyk President and Managing Director, Multiplex Construction Canada

We can't do it alone. We need our supply chain on board. We're committed to engaging, raising awareness, and empowering collaboration to address climate change collectively.


Read the full 'Decarbonization Roadmap' pathway