We understand that all families are different, and that adjusting to life with a new family member takes more than just time off. That’s why we’ve redefined our parental leave offer to provide a holistic approach with one to one transition coaching and superannuation continuance, along with market-leading leave for Mums and Dads.

The redefined policy offers 18 weeks of paid parental leave for primary carers and the flexibility for Cost Planner, Markelle Farley and her husband Jake, a Site Manager also at Multiplex, to take turns being the primary carer, allowing them to care of their children when they needed them the most. 

Multiplex also partners with ‘Transitioning Well’, a coaching organisation with leading workplace psychologists to help parents transition from ‘working person’ to ‘working parent’.

Reflecting on how the journey has been for her, Markelle says “It’s given me a lot more confidence to focus completely on getting back to work”.

Jake taking on the primary carer role has meant that Markelle hasn’t had to deal with the normal interruptions that most working parents face like illnesses and time off work.

The coaching program has been particularly valuable for Markelle, “I struggled navigating part-time work especially the continuity of a three-day work week – having someone to talk to and who can give you reassurance and solutions for success has been amazing.” 

Markelle believes that a crucial part of the policy is keeping up with super payments, remuneration and development plans whilst on leave. She sees this as the next evolution of parental leave, focusing on parents rebuilding their careers.

“When you’ve had two children, a long time has passed, some of your colleagues have moved on, built up their skills and expertise – you sometimes feel like you have to make up for lost time.”

She says it was important to be reminded by her coach that “while you’ve had time off learning to be a parent, you’ve also learnt valuable skills that you can use interchangeably in the workplace” which helped her build confidence in her return to work.

Markelle now works four days a week with and Jake has returned full time, and while they recognise that it will be another big change for them, Markelle says she’s “confident that there will be a bit more balance between us in terms of sharing the juggle.”

“The new policy is a game changer for families. We’re very fortunate and proud to be a part of an organisation that puts so much value into working parents and families. I really hope policies, like Multiplex’s become more of the norm.”

A big thanks to Markelle and Jake for sharing their story.