At Multiplex we are committed to a diverse, inclusive and respectful workforce. We recognise that women are underrepresented in our industry and have implemented a number of initiatives to create a more inclusive workplace to attract and retain our talented female employees. Our Executive Team is committed to increasing our number of women, and supporting and promoting gender equality across the business.

  • We have a clear strategy in place to support gender equality, supported by clear policies. Our gender strategy ensures that we build an inclusive approach into all of our HR Practices.
  • We create initiatives and policies based on internal and external research which helps us to target our attention and efforts in the right areas and ensure our practices are sustainable.
  • We have a clear focus on development so our people can have fulfilling careers with us. We run a strong talent and succession process including robust checking measures and manager education to reduce bias.
  • In addition to this we also work at an industry level by participating in initiatives that promote the attraction and retention of women into the construction and engineering industry.

Key Multiplex Initiatives

  • Our CEO is a Pay Equity Ambassador for the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and we conduct annual gender pay equity reviews
  • Gender Inclusive Recruitment Practices including targets for hiring more women
  • Market leading Gender Neutral Parental Leave Offering
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Industry leading approach to flexibility
  • Jumpstart: our program to mentor and educate female school students about careers in construction

Our partnerships

In addition to a range of targeted approaches and initiatives we also participate in a range of groups and forums which support women in our industry:

  • Diversity Council of Australia (DCA) – Multiplex is a member of the DCA, an independent not-for-profit peak body that is leading diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We regularly take part in DCA discussions and events, and contribute to their research.
  • National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) –NAWIC is an Australian Not-For-Profit organisation whose mission is to champion and empower women to reach their full potential in the construction and related industries. Multiplex is a member and most of our female staff are members, with Multiplex providing this membership for them. We participate in a range of NAWIC events nationwide.
  • Australian Constructors Association (ACA) – We are committed to driving sustainable change in our industry overall. In order to be instrumental in change, we are members of the Australian Constructors Association Culture working party. We play an active role in this working party which aims to address change in the culture of the construction industry, which in turn, supports gender equality.