The three words under our name are ‘built to outperform.’

Outperformance has always been part of our DNA. We challenge ourselves to find better ways of doing things and create new solutions to complex problems.

Outperformance is ingrained in our people and our culture. It defines the way we deliver our projects, engage with communities and advance the industry.

Our brand platform

Our outperformance mindset is a core part of our brand story. Combined with our inherent values, it helps us to fulfil our purpose to construct a better future.

At Multiplex, we do not believe in innovation for the sake of innovation.

Everything we do is focused on delivering a better programme, a better building and a better outcome for our clients. Our approach to innovation is practical and consistent, and the scale and focus of our organisation gives us a systemic advantage in this area. Where we see value, we are able to act quickly and decisively across our whole organisation.

Why sustainability is important to us

At Multiplex, we want to do business and good. Multiplex projects are not just paper or digital exercises – real lives, communities and resources are involved – so the potential for good is tangible and immediate in a multitude of ways.

One of these is collaborating with our clients and stakeholders to target and attain the world’s leading environmental certifications through schemes such as LEED (UK and Canada), BREEAM (UK), Estidama (Middle East) and Green Star (Australia). We are proud of our record to date and empowered to play our part in creating a positive impact through sustainable building practices.